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Work First, then Play!

March 26, 2022

So by now we know that the Eddies are the "Oscars" for editing, but what about editing at the Oscars? We've got that covered too! Every year, right before the Academy Awards, the American Cinema Editors (ACE) also hosts the Invisible Arts/ Visible Artists (IAVA) panel celebrating the Oscar-nominated editors.

This year I volunteered to work at the event!

Someone took these photos of Kate and me checking people in, and I borrowed them for my blog. (Probably Peter, the photographer that attends most/ all of the ACE events.)

The event itself was held at the Regal Cinema in Sherman Oaks, and after we'd organized all the attendees and checked people in, us volunteers got to settle ourselves into some leftover seats and listen to this year's Oscar noms talk about their work! Maybe it sounds boring to you, but if you've ever met an editor, we're loads of fun and very cool people to listen to and get to know.

(Photo taken by someone else)

After the panel, the nominee luncheon was held around the corner at a PF Chang's. Unfortunately it wasn't open to the general public, but fortunately the invite did extend to the volunteers!

I found myself at a table with new faces (or new friends!) and we got to know one another over a fully catered menu. Yum!

At some point, somebody mentioned my blog- I have absolutely *zero* idea how it came up, as I do not widely advertise this site, but that's when they started asking "so are you going to write about today??" and insisted that we take a photo.

So here is the photo: (Marc, me, Kate, and Edward). Photo was taken by John, but he didn't want to be in it.

And then the pro photographer found us and took this one:

And this one!

Next stop: Malibu! When all the work was out of the way, we all piled into our cars and sped off (safely) up the Pacific Coast Highway to a teeny little winery on the side of the hill to celebrate Catherine!

Some of these photos she (and her friends) took on a camera that changed hands several times over the course of the afternoon and well into the evening.

Happy birthday Catherine!

There were plenty of snacks, and even more wine.


And a whole lot of BUBBLES!

We sang and danced and snacked and wined until well after sunset, only leaving because the sea breeze snuck in and our wine-blanket was no match for Mother Nature.


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