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There's Snow Place Like Home!

Christmas 2022

Contrary to the title of this post, we had zero snow while I was home for Christmas.

New job started between Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, so by the time I got home this round, we were knees deep into our next movie. Mom and Dad braved the JFK traffic to pick me up.

The next morning, Max and I took a trip down to the boat yard to cover the boat for the season. We might have caught early stages of frostbite, because the temperature was dropping so quickly. There was about 36 hours of freezing rain on its way followed by a 20º drop.

Slept in a bit,. Callie and I tried hot cheetos for the first time (Callie ate one by accident and was unfazed).

I spent a lot of my trip watching movies for a project I was working on (ACE Lifetime Achievement reel for Don Zimmerman. He had almost 50 movies on his list, and I was tasked with cutting them down into a highlight reel before March).

On Christmas Eve, I ran some errands with Mom all day and we went to mass as a family. Look how beautifully they decorated the church!

Someone sent Charlotte and me matching twin outfits, so we took advantage of the opportunity to match.

Family Christmas dinner.

Some family game nights.

We had a couple outdoor fire pit sessions. Callie wasn't invited.

Rose helped me gather the firewood. Callie was less helpful.

I found a matching sweater and socks set with a severe discount. They practically gave them away.

It did threaten snow one night, but we never got more than a handful of flakes.

We took a family outing into NYC one evening to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

Family dinner around the corner from the theater.

And for New Year, we went out for fondue at The Melting Pot, and then watched the ball drop from the couch before heading to bed. I had an early flight new year's day back to LA.

Not a super fancy or busy trip by any means! But it was all spent hanging out with my family, which is what makes me happiest. The ordinary days are the best kind.

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