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The Scottish countryside: Scone Palace and Dunkeld

This deserves its own post because we finally escaped the tiny town crammed with graduates and their families for the Scottish countryside where we were blissfully by ourselves.

Charlotte took off for the day, she had her own grad parties to attend, people to see etc. So Mom, Dad, Rose and I (Max had to stay home in the US for football practice) went off in the direction of Scone Palace. Of course we got sidetracked driving down the road when someone spotted one crumbly castle on a hill. Dad pulled over with an impressive turn and we piled out to walk up the road and investigate.

Rose got creative.

After we'd gotten our fill of the view (fields for miles, wind blowing through all the tall grasses, not a sheep in sight), we got back into the car and continued bumping along.

We made a few friends at Scone Palace.

The palace is an active residency, so we have no photos of the inside (although they did give us a tour!) and we were free to wander the grounds. They have the most impressive diversity of trees. We ran into a couple redwoods which I of course had to measure against. I believe they were a gift to the arboretum.

There was also the CRAZIEST garden maze I have ever seen. We all got hopelessly lost, it was almost too much. Thankfully we all made it out (but only after making sure we saw the hidden fountain in the middle!)

Not ready to go back to St. Andrew's yet, we continued on in the car to search for Dunkeld Cathedral.

It's tucked away in the trees behind a quiet town along the river. A decent chunk of it was under construction so we couldn't go in, but it didn't matter too much because its really just a shell at this point. There's no roof anymore and the inside is a carpet of grass dotted with a few headstones.

We took a break and went to sit by the river. I stuck my feet in, because why not?

We wanted to get dinner nearby but it was a little harder than it seemed. We ended up driving over to the Dunkeld House to walk around and have some tea and a snack instead of a full dinner. It started to get pretty chilly too!

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