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The Old House


I loved the house we grew up in. We all did! Nowadays we refer to it by the street it was on, but since this is a public blog, if you don't already know where I lived as a kid then it doesn't seem fair to share the address.

We moved in when Charlotte and I were about one year old and that was a very different house than the one we moved out of 15 years later. We had some renovations done when we were about six, so these photos will bounce back and forth between versions of the house.

First of all, the door matched the house (this is also an ancient photo, when 4K and iPhones didn't exist), and we had a greenhouse on the side.

There were ramps up to the doors, I think the previous owner may have had a wheelchair.

From the driveway.

The side yard. We used to tap that tree in the middle for sap to make maple sugar in the spring!

More exteriors, ft. the pink pony, battery-operated carriage Charlotte and I had around 2002.

Our matching red swings.

And the side yard at the opposite end of the house, where we taught Lucy, our lab, where to use the bathroom (see below).

Pretty close to that side yard, Mom and Dad helped ups build a tree house.

The best part of the whole house were the gardens.

Mom built this gorgeous garden in the backyard where we would plant thousands (literally thousands) of tulips in every spring.

And in the summer, it turned into a vegetable garden!

It always smelled so good in the late afternoon sun. Mom would send us out with a basket and tell us which vegetables to pick for dinner and how many! Tons of tomatoes.

Tucked away in the bushes were our custom birdhouses, made for each kid by our grandfather in his metal workshop down in the Carolina's. The mailbox on mine says Lillie Bird, and you can see a few twigs poking out of the front entrance!

Honorary mention for the four chickens we kept for several years.

Lucy was a big fan of the yard.

On the inside:

The "TV room" where sometimes we could watch a movie if we were home sick from school, and Mom would give us cheese sandwiches.

At the other end of the TV room, Charlotte and I had our own personal desks, which I would like to acknowledge particularly because I remember picking out the photo of Saturn with Dad on the computer and printing it out to hang on the wall. It was my favorite planet, it was super colorful, and we found a picture of it on the internet (which was probably only a few years old at the time). There's also a newspaper cutout of figure skater Sarah Hughes, because we thought she was super cool.

Dad and me in front of the computer.

The TV room eventually turned into this (decorated for Christmas):

Old photo of the old kitchen, where Mom is making some breakfast-in-bed trays for our fifth birthday. This was a tradition we kept almost through high school, and usually involved a favorite cereal and a tiny vase with a flower or two. (Although I think we eventually aged out of the yellow sippy-cups.)

The kitchen became this:

Our uncle made the round kitchen table for us, but it got left behind when we moved.

The front entryway. I always liked the star wallpaper.

The dining room, with its glossy, orange painted walls.

Living room details:

Charlotte's and my room before the renovation.

And here it is decorated for a Christmas house-tour my hometown was doing, although this was a one-time thing. It was cool having a little tree in our room, but we weren't allowed to mess up the decorations.

Our room became Max's room, and we moved to a different part of the house later on.

This photo was taken before the final Harry Potter book had been released!

Rose, when she got upgraded to a "big girl" bed.

Eventually the walls got painted pink too and it was so cute!

And Mom and Dad's room and bathroom! I always thought their room was so elegant.

When the house was renovated, we ate breakfast in the family room (former TV room).

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