• Lillian E.

The Island House

Back in...maybe 1995? 1996? my grandparents decided to buy a house on an island off the coast of Norwalk, CT. The house in the middle is ours! Here's a collage of photos taken growing up spending weekends on the water.

So for the last 23 years of *my* life, I've been swimming, crab hunting, sea-glass-searching, and flower-smushing around this rock with my siblings!

We've had a few different boats.

Made the place feel like home. Our grandmother, Susu, made all the granddaughters pillows with their embroidered names. (It helped us keep track of the million beds stowed up in the kids' room!) Every toothbrush was labeled, and there's plenty of decorations!

Charlotte and I learned how to raise a flag to let people know we're home.

There was the one afternoon when the parents organized a real Treasure Hunt for the cousins that had us traipsing all over the island looking for clues. The treasure was found under the kitchen sink and our fingers were sticky with sea salt taffy for several following weeks :)

We got creative in the garden. Sometimes Mom would put us in charge of making flower arrangements for the dinner table. Our favorite pastime was making "clothespin dolls" and at one point we created the entire cast of Harry Potter. My mom had them framed for my grandmother a few years later. If we got bored (which was never) we could always go dress the garden flamingo in ribbons!

I've seen some spectacular sunsets in my life and an equal share in crazy storms. Those are my favorite.

And we've introduced our animals to the island too. The parrot wasn't ours though. It showed up on the back deck one day and made friends with my grandfather until we brought it back to shore and to a local vet.

My favorite part is bringing friends out to visit!

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