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Thanksgiving 2022!

November, obviously

A lot of things happened in November. I finished one movie, started another, obtained a career goal, got out of a two year relationship, and decided I should take a chance to go home for a couple weeks.

What do you do when you're sad because you're single? Pet the dog. Callie knows. She invited herself into my chair and made sure there was enough room for both of us.

She was invested in keeping me company. All night.

Because I was recently finished with a job and had nothing on the agenda, Mom and Callie took me on some errands. (Peep the Chez Dylan mug, straight from Paris!)

Charlotte took me with her to work at the Historical Society, where she and the team have been busy setting up for a new historical clothing exhibit, following the success of last year's wedding dress exhibit. I got a sneak peak at some of the evening gowns for this year's theme, and then helped set up a small art gallery.

I have been told the hat (photographed above) features a real parrot.

We had a game night with Mom and Dad. Callie participated too of course.

Early the next morning, I tagged along on a walk with Mom and Dad. I enlisted Callie to help me look for giant crunchy leaves, but she wasn't very helpful and preferred to steal mine instead.

Left Callie behind for a quick trip to Stew Leonard's (IYKYK).

(Not pictured: Stew Leonard's, lunch in town, and then a few hours of getting work done at Mom's office.)

When Charlotte finished work, we met her in town for Afternoon Tea at Elm.

We stopped at the local Christmas sewing fair to see if there was anything we could pick up regarding Christmas gifts. (Spoilers: we found a tiny sweater for my friend's new baby!)

And back for more Callie-time while we watched a movie. She's highly entertaining too.

Weekly hikes with some family friends of ours have become the norm since the Covid lockdown, and 20º weather won't stop us! We got up for an 8am, 4 mile trek through the snow and hills, and rewarded ourselves with breakfast on the drive home.

Dinner at BANC House bbq.

Sunday saw Charlotte and me heading off into NYC to meet a friend and visit the Monet exhibit down on Wall Street.

I have no idea what kind of weird distortion the camera did to my foot.

Monet virtual exhibit:

And then we met up with more friends for dinner in Brooklyn! The best part is that everyone sitting at this table is a twin (one twin not present). We called it our "Twin-ner" (a twin dinner)!

Everybody ordered a pasta dish, and then we each took a scoop and passed the others around family-style. It was spectacular.

We stopped for drinks after dinner too, because it wasn't late yet but it was too cold to walk around and this place advertised hot cider and spiced wine.

Eventually we made it back to John's apartment where Charlotte and I went right to sleep (giggling over who knows what).

The next morning we realized we accidentally dressed the same.

NYC views!

Charlotte took me to work for a couple hours where she did hair and makeup for a sports announcer.

Fast forward to Tuesday. I slept in, but woke up to this. She was not invited, and yet here we are.

Home :)

Sometimes the local art center has drawing nights, so Charlotte, Dad and I went. I started with drawing the fabric on the table in front of me, but gave up and sketched a portrait instead.

The morning of Thanksgiving, we woke up bright and early to participate in our first ever 5k, hosted by the neighboring town. I got left in the dust, but Charlotte dropped back to finish with me. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Max finished in 20-something minutes.

Mom made the turkey, but us kids were put in charge of dessert. We picked chocolate pudding pie, madeleines, and chocolate chip cookies. Classic.

*The only reason our dessert spread included deviled eggs is because we forgot to eat them with lunch.

And Friday we cut our tree down! An age-old family tradition.

And decorated it. My siblings' and my favorite is the angel head with one feather attached, she's old and probably had a body at one point. Mom wouldn't let us put her on top of the tree and used our traditional angel instead.

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