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Tacos Tu Madre!

February 6, 2021

Any excuse to get out these days is a MAJOR event.

We decided we needed a spontaneous date night and after some careful deliberation, settled on an outing in Larchmont, Los Angeles. If you've never been to Larchmont, the main street is very walkable with a number of cute restaurants and coffee shops lining both sides of the road. There's even a Salt & Straw ice cream!

We decided to pick up food from Tacos Tu Madre, and since there was nobody around we had our pick of little pink, umbrella tables! Our food photography was terrible under the neon, so I've borrowed a couple images from the internet to show what kinds of fare they make.

My personal favorite is the breakfast burrito. It has truffle guacamole and melty cheese mixed with tater tots and scrambled eggs, and I usually add bacon. It's HUGE so when I order it at work there's usually enough left to save for dinner. This time we went for tacos à la carte so we could maximize our taste testing.

My date.

We tried the Fried Avocado taco (one each, because they're our favorite. Fried avocado slices over a light slaw with sweet chili sauce).

A Chorizo and Egg, which was the messiest. The egg is sunny side up, so if you're not paying attention, it runs down your wrist!

The sweet and spicy shrimp taco was mostly fried shrimp in sweet chili sauce.

And a fresh fish taco! That was also really good and pretty self explanatory.

There was a lot of "here, try this!" and happy smiles.

When we finished licking our fingers clean (as all polite dinner-dates end) we hurried our way across the street, heads together like two conspirators, and ordered two cups of the most delicious ice cream I've ever had from Salt & Straw. Mine was a strawberry and coconut, dairy-free scoop, and utterly refreshing. His was a monthly creation that tasted like cinnamon buns straight from the oven. Honestly I should've gotten that!

We stole a couple snaps when no one was around, just to document the evening, and then headed home to play some board games!

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