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Storm King.

August 27, 2020.

When I was little my parents went away one weekend and came back with fabulous stories of driving up the Hudson Valley in the old little red car, stopping for dinner at a picturesque stone barn and spending the day at Storm King. Now I look back and think it was probably for their anniversary, but it leaves me no less entranced by the idea.

So this summer, Mom and Dad took Charlotte, Max and me up the Hudson Valley in our big new silver car for an afternoon out of the house. If you didn't know (I didn't), Storm King Art Center is 500 acres of outdoor art the size of buildings.

We arrived at 10am, peak morning hours.

Stretched a little after the drive.

And generally enjoyed the views! It was so much open green space. Honestly the perfect getaway after so long in quarantine. As of now Storm King is still only allowing limited capacity with timed tickets, so it was peacefully uncrowded (and fairly cheap!).

I think normally they have a tram that you can opt in or out of, and it will take you around to see *all* of the art. However since COVID started they've put that on hold and you're left to your own devices. We certainly didn't see everything we wanted to, but it was still well worth the trip.

My favorite part is that you can walk right up to the art!

My favorite part was a cool winding stone wall that snaked between all the trees and down to the river and out the other side.

I picked some wildflowers, Max put his photography skills to use...

We brought a picnic!

And wandered around some more.

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