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Snow in LA!

November 8, 2020

Ok so I wasn't *actually* in LA when it snowed, but it was close!

Marco invited me to his house for the weekend in anticipation of a mild impending snow storm. Being a New England girl myself and missing the seasons, I of course said yes!

He picked me up and we drove out to Lake Arrowhead.

We spent most of the weekend curled up in front of the fire bouncing around between TV shows and introducing one another to our favorites. Before heading up the mountain we had stocked up on snacks, so on the rare occasion that we did get hungry it was a whole expedition.

Luckily Marco has snow chains for his tires and knows how to use them (I was utterly useless, but I learned something new!)

We picked up some incredible pizza from Lou Eddie's and brought it back to devour in front of the fire and a movie.

Marco took me to see the lake up close, because all other vantage points were obscured by fog! Don't be fooled, the snow here was actually big sleet and felt like having rocks thrown in your face.

I had to borrow a hat.

Once the snow calmed down a bit, I went out to test the snowball quality of the snow. 10/10.

And then launched it to test its reaction to gravity. 0/10 does not float.

All in all the perfect weekend getaway!

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