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Scotland 2019: Part 2 (because a lot happened)

Updated: May 23

I've discovered you cannot put a week's worth of adventures into one blog post. I have too many photos!

So we started out the morning with an absolutely perfect breakfast at Balgove.

Balgove Larder is a farm shop. On one side they do everything from butchery, fruit/ veg, dairy/ deli, and bakery items and flowers. The other side is a restaurant! It's easily Mom's favorite place to visit.

We stopped on the way out to admire the flower shop and make some new friends!

Most of the day was spent following Charlotte around the town of St. Andrews so that we could capture her graduation photos. They turned out *phenomenal* and we basically got a tour of all the best things to see!

After thoroughly exploring the cathedral ruins, hidden courtyards, and vast quads, traipsing across the three cobblestone streets, we found ourselves on the pier.

Eventually Charlotte left us for another event (I think she and her boyfriend went gin tasting!) and the rest of us found a table outside the famous Cromar's for some much-needed fish and chips.

We went to a graduation mass at the tiny little St. James church that sits on the edge of town with a fantastic view of the North Sea and famous golf course. Afterwards everybody spilled out onto the lawn for an evening garden party with potluck snacks! They were amazing, and the company was unparalleled.

Name a better end to the day, I'll wait! :)

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