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Scotland 2019: Singing for the Cows

This is taking a lot more posts than I thought! Second-to-last day and we had the most incredible dinner, but first:

We spent the morning in the butterfly exhibit! There's a botanical garden nearby that hosts a butterfly house part of the year and Charlotte and I have been a couple times already, it's a favorite.

This time we took Mom and Dad! *Rose not pictured, she was probably off looking at more butterflies.

There was a garden party after Katherine's graduation, so Charlotte and I went to see her and be excited about her big moment!

The best part was that Charlotte's boyfriend John- his parents were staying in this breathtaking apartment out in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle and we were invited for dinner.

Dinner wasn't ready yet so we took a walk up over the hill to see the horse pastures. Some of us were hoping that if we sang loudly enough the cows in the fields on the other side of the hill would come investigate. We weren't so lucky, but we tried!

Dinner was on the back patio overlooking the biggest stretch of green you've ever seen. There was one road a few miles away, so you couldn't hear any motors (not even airplanes) and the air was the perfect amount of hazy. It was so QUIET, bar the birds.

Us youngsters peeled away after dinner and went to the "Grad Bop" at the Student Union. The closest thing you can get to a school-hosted club, and it was packed full of grads singing "Mr. Brightside" at and "Sweet Caroline" at the top of their lungs. Some things don't change from across the ocean ;)

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