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San Diego (mostly)

July 23-24, 2022

There's nothing better than a quick weekend getaway with your girlfriends.

It was spontaneous enough that we didn't make plans, but we planned enough to have somewhere to stay. A balanced recipe for adventure, if you ask me!

So, early Saturday morning we packed up the car, made a quick pitstop for Starbucks, and headed south!

First, we stopped in La Jolla to walk along the coastal path and see some wildlife.

It was pretty spectacular!

There was even a string of tents where vendors were selling art and goods.

We wandered into one tent and she gave us a pretty good deal on rings, so we each got two!

Posed for some pics with the animals.

And with each other!

And then the sun came out and it got hot, so we jumped back in the car and continued south.

Next stop: Mission Beach! We wandered along the bike path for a while, until a sign promising açai bowls lured us away from the sand.

The restaurant was so cute and the bowls were gorgeous, but there were too many flies buzzing around outside, so we took our food to-go.

And ended back up on the beach!

Following lunch, we still had a few hours to spend before checking into our Airbnb, so we went all the way down into San Diego and found ourselves a parking spot at Balboa Park.

Someone was rehearsing on the outdoor organ and it made for some pretty epic background music,

And we found this tortoise society hosting an adoption day! So we went inside and learned about different tortoises. They range from the size of small boulders to tennis balls.

And the rose garden!

On our way back to the car, we walked through the international cottages to check out the party going on on the lawn in the middle.

And finally made it to our Airbnb in the very middle of the city to drop our bags and change for dinner!

We went out to dinner at a superb Mexican restaurant called El Comal on Illinois Street. They were super nice and the food was great. My two friends from back home met up with us, so it was a proper girls' night out!

After dinner, we split ways again and this time my roommates and I wandered down the street from our Airbnb and found a cute rooftop bar near the baseball stadium. We weren't out too late, and made it home early to go to bed (ft. the blurry iphone photos I snagged). Fun fact: it was also the weekend of San Diego Comicon, and we didn't know that, so occasionally we saw someone dressed up running down the street.

The next morning, after a mishap with my car being towed overnight (a misunderstanding with the airbnb site, was resolved effortlessly and at no-cost to us), we went to breakfast on Coronado.

*The jukebox music selectors are just for decoration, but we fished out quarter out again.

And after breakfast, we perused a bookshop next door until it was time to return our Airbnb keys, hopped back in the car, and drove home! Just a quick getaway and 10/10 would do again.

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