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Quarantine Art-ifacts


I've picked up a new hobby- painting! It started with the desire for a classic roommate wine-and-paint night. We spent all afternoon searching for the perfect tutorial, and took ourselves on a long walk to the art store to pick up our supplies.

We set up with some strawberry cocktails- necessary.

Honorary roommate*

Ok, so our chosen tutorial turned out to be a lot harder than anyone anticipated, but we powered through and a few hours later had something to hang on the wall! I love how they turned out. Each is different but together they make up a gorgeous series.

Can you guess which is mine? I'll give you a hint...

Since then I've picked up a couple more canvases. My original idea was to do another series of Starry Night but in different colors, instead I've decided to do a series of just Van Gogh.

Still deciding which one to paint next!

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