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Photos from a Pandemic Summer

New England, Summer 2020

When I moved to LA last summer obviously I didn't expect to be home again so soon. Covid had businesses and productions shutting down left and right, so when I stopped getting paid, I packed up and went home. Connecticut was not a hotspot and LA was, so I wanted to spend some time outdoors under the trees instead of cooped up in a tiny apartment doing nothing.

So in no particular order:

We got a new boat! Dad had a Fortier 26 when we were kids and sold it several years ago. He decided to get a new one and Char, Max, Susu, Dad and I drove up to Newport, RI and picked it up from the warehouse to drive it (by sea) back to Wilson Cove, Norwalk, CT. (See that guy in the white shirt and a wrist brace? That's Mr. Fortier!)

We spent a lot of time on said boat, taking it to the Island House, to Rowayton Seafood for dinner, and anywhere else we could think of. Im sure we made a stop at Ziegler's Cove in Darien, and they took it to the Statue of Liberty a couple times, but I wasn't around for those trips.

Like I said, we went to the Island.

Stayed overnight at the Island.

Took friends to the Island.

Played copious amounts of Catan (sometimes at the Island).

Sat in some hammocks.

I finally added some pink to my wardrobe!

It was for a "Pink Party" hosted by my cousin.

I read a lot

Went on weekly morning hikes! Gotta stay active.

We hung out with our new puppy, Callie.

Callie loves laying on the floor with Mom for tummy scratches in the mornings.

We also hung out with our friends.

Here we have Braian making cocktails for everyone else at the kitchen counter.

Mom and I dropped Rose off at college for her sophomore year!

I lived in the guest room all summer (mostly because I was too lazy to move upstairs to the third floor). I also started a bunch of sewing projects, hence the little machine on my desk.

We saw NYC for the first time since March. It was a complete ghost town (but perfect for Rose's photo shoot!)

And now Im back in LA! Productions have started back up with all the protocols in place to make sure we're all in safe working environments. That means Post Production is back on the grind, and Im back at my desk! Im so happy to be working again.

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