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Paris in the Fall (part 3)

October 2022

Et on continue!

Quick OOTD.

Spied a movie set filming outside the AirBnb, on the other side of the river. They set up camp and stayed for a couple days.

Quick stop for breakfast/lunch near Place des Vosges.

The main purpose of our spontaneous trip to Paris was to visit the brand new restaurant of our family friends! Our dinner reservations were for the final day of our trip, but we couldn't resist stopping by a day early.

We hopped on the metro to avoid the steady drizzle above ground and Mom and I nearly bruised a rib trying not to laugh at the American businessman on the phone behind us complaining in the most monotonous droning voice about who-knows-what, "it's too crowded... it's so hot on this train..."

Chez Dylan Restaurant

18 Rue d'Abbeville, 75009 Paris, France

Surprise! We stopped by during the midday closing hours while they were turning over for the evening. The perfect chance to catch up! Andrea, in perfect Andrea-style made sure we didn't go hungry.

When we finally left them to finish opening for the evening, we took ourselves back down to the Marais. It had just stopped raining, but the streets were still shiny.

Dad picked an evening piano concert inside a nearby church.

Dinner was some classic french onion soup from an alpine restaurant just around the corner.

Our final day in Paris started just as rainy as the rest, but coming from California it felt more magical than menacing! We scheduled early morning tickets into one of my favorite hidden gems, La Sainte-Chapelle, which called for an early morning breakfast.

You know what they say, the early bird gets the croissant!

Look at all the stained glass!

I find it fun to just sit and look at the windows, because each one tells a story from the Bible! They also had an audio exhibit going on where pre-recorded voices would sing the Gloria at specific intervals. It created a beautiful environment and fit the space perfectly.

You have to walk past the Palais de Justice to exit the chapel.

'Fit check.


More exploring!

Excuse my thumb, but this place went all out with the décor.

Mid afternoon had us ducking into a cafe for afternoon coffee with a friend of mine from university. He lives and works in Paris right now, but maybe someday he'll return to LA and dive back into the entertainment industry on the Gold Coast!

We changed for dinner...

And went back to Chez Dylan for our dinner!

Loic behind the bar made us some very fancy cocktails. Mom's and mine matched.

I had teriyaki salmon, and the table shared a fish appetizer.

And I went out with friends later, and they took me to an arcade bar where the drinks were themed and we played Monopoly in the basement surrounded by crowded tables and other games.

I absolutely stayed out too late, and came home after 2am with my bag still not packed and an early morning flight. Absolutely worth every moment.

Breakfast I grabbed across the street while my uber pulled up and whisked me away to the airport.

Early mornings are my favorite time of day!

À la prochaine!

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