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Paris in the Fall

(Part 1) October 2022

You wouldn't know it's a sequel if I haven't caught up to sharing any of my other trips to Paris since the grand debut at age 12.

I had an 11 hour flight direct from LAX to Paris-CDG and in true Paris fashion, the trains weren't running when we landed. I joined forces with another pair of Americans and we split an Uber into Paris. After an hour of waiting for a train or bus, truly anywhere was better than the airport.

Eventually I made it all the way down to my metro stop and was met by everybody's favorite French firefighter. He let me crash on his couch for two nights while he was away working in the firehouse and my parents weren't due to arrive until later in the week.

We dropped my bag off and he took me into Montparnasse to find food, making sure I only got the most *French* experience. (Note: escargots are not too bad! I think I prefer them over mussels.)

And in an attempt to combat my whopping 9-hour jet lag, we started walking all over Paris switching back and forth between French and English.

He took my (very jet lagged) picture for me in front of the fancy ponte.

A couple photos from my Papershoot camera.

I think I only made it to about 6pm before absolutely crashing, so Paul dropped me off at home and headed back out to run his own errands. He was gone for work by the time I woke back up in the morning.

Feeling refreshed, time for a 'fit check!

*I did not wear the slippers out of the house.

My morning view.

And what does one do when one finds oneself alone in Paris for the day?

I'm glad you asked!

I stopped into the local boulangerie to pick up a breakfast, and then I took the metro up to the Louvre and started walking. And I walked...and walked...and walked...

I walked for hours and miles, looking for familiar landmarks and wandering into shops. Eventually I made my way up into Montmartre and went to the basilica of Sacré Cœur to rest in the peace and quiet.

Coming from Los Angeles, where I still feel unaccustomed to their foliage, it was comforting to be somewhere watching the leaves changing color. I bought a couple watercolor paintings from an artist in the artist's square at Place du Tertre before heading back down the hill.

The bookshop below was called L'Attrape Cœurs.

And I didn't go inside, but I did find this Mexican restaurant on my travels and wondered what their food might be like. Most, if not all of the French I've ever spoken to, don't know what salsa is so I wondered if that would be missing from the menu. To this day, I'm still wondering.

Continuing my trip down the hill, I wandered back down to the Seine, past the Hotel de Ville and into the Marais.

I bought a sandwich and juice from tiny Carrefour and sat in the sun on the edge of Ile St. Louis.

This stuff is phenom.

Eventually I went back to Paul's to drop off my art and a couple books I'd picked up. Dinner was a solo affair in a crepe restaurant near Montparnasse. I sent this photo to my sister because I was surrounded by people on dates and felt a little silly, but the staff were super nice and the food was great!

Back at Paul's, I spent the rest of the night repacking my suitcase with Ratatouille playing in the background (in French of course). It was a week's worth of exploring fit into one day, and we're only just getting started!

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