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Paris 2009: Part 5 - The End

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So for my final summary of the week-long adventures I'm including this photo of a giant fountain that I also visited a decade later during my study abroad. It's truly fascinating to look back on these photos now and recognize them with a new perspective.

And now back to our regularly scheduled content:

Around the corner from our hotel (and I mean literally around the corner) was Madame Tussaud's wax museum. None of us had ever been to a wax museum but of course we were curious. So one day when we came back to the hotel for an afternoon rest/ nap. Three of us decided to ask if we could venture out into the big wide world and visit the museum. I was actually shocked when my grandmother agreed to let us go without offering to accompany us, but then I remembered she raised my dad in NYC and letting us walk around the corner by ourselves was *probably* not a big deal.

So, clutching each others sleeves, we made it safely the 100 yards without any incident and paid our little euro fee for tickets and walked our way through the museum. My worldly self recognized a grand total of almost nobody but we had some fun trying to pose and interact with the figures.

TBH I still don't know who those people at the cafe table are....

There was one night, towards the end of the week, when we all went out for a dinner of cheese fondue and discovered that my grandmother's mirrored compact looked like a pair of eyeballs. The hilarity that ensued was captured in an overabundance of photos. We thought we were so funny!

And by far the coolest person we met was this wonderful woman that showed us her embroidery work and lace. It was truly breathtaking and we all felt so inspired by her art. I wish I could remember her name and exact profession, but for now I'll leave these photos here and ask Charlotte if she can look it up in her own journal later.

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