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Paris 2009 - Part 4: More adventures

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Among the full days of exploring the great big museums and famous architecture of Paris, we also had mini excursions worth sharing. Since I don't have my journal to cross check the itinerary, they're going to be out of order. Tbh I've been using the outfit continuity in each photo to help string these together.

There was one day where we went window shopping in Chanel because Susu insisted we needed to experience *the* Chanel in all its Parisian splendor. So we cheerfully traipsed in behind the fashionista that is our grandmother and "ooh'd" and "ahhh'd" at all the pristine displays while sales representatives smiled at us and wondered why four 12 year olds were in their store. I also wondered that, but I was more focused on trying to figure out if any of it would ever fit me. (Over a decade later and I still can't fit my 5'2"-ness into any of the clothes, but I am a big fan of their mascara!)

^ I don't think any of us bought anything. Maybe Susu got a scarf and let us hold the bag?

We had a stop at Angelina's, a beautiful tea room next to the Tuilerie Gardens and tried "real" hot chocolate for the first time. That stuff is pure heaven, a thick stream of melted chocolate that folds its way into your little mug with a smack of cream on top? Sign me up!

Anyway, next stop was the......*drumroll please*....... Eiffel Tower! We went and stood directly under it and people-watched the long lines that snaked their way around the legs of the tower.

Nowadays there are big fences and security checkpoints that you need to go through just to get near the tower, but back then we just walked right up to it and touched it.

Here are two photos of us on Sunday when we went to a hat store just to try on fancy hats to rival our grandmother's collection. We also went to get Berthillon ice cream and I wasn't feeling too great, so for *some* reason I went for pear flavor? What 12 year old orders pear flavor ice cream? I did and it was the best decision of my life. Highly recommend.

The Sunday we were there we went to Mass at Notre Dame cathedral. I remember wearing my black dress with the little sparkle on the front because it was "fancy" and I dressed it up with my brand new high heels. We stood in line to get inside, sat through mass in the cavernous interior while tourists walked around the perimeter and stared at us like fish in a bowl. A Catholic in the wild, truly a rarity.

Pictured below is us on "Point Zero" of all French roads (supposedly). We just thought it was cool to stand on and take a photo.

Then there was the day we went to the doll museum. It was awesome. You're never too old to see a doll museum. We took some silly photos with the clown board they had.

I also like this photo of the gold pot outside the Pompidou Center. I don't remember going into the museum but when I went back in college the pot was replaced by a GIANT gold thumb. So I just wanted to document this. The fountain is also still there with all its crazy sculptures.

And a photo of all of us at dinner one night. Funny enough, we went out for a "snack" one afternoon trying to kill some time before our next appointment and Susu had us all try a new food. So she ordered pâté which non of us had ever heard of and absolutely did not know what it contained. I thought it was supposed to be a warm food. We all hated it, the little brown slice of mush on its little plate. I look back and laugh because it's now one of my favorite things in the world.

Start 'em young, right?

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