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Paris 2009 - Part 2: Palais Garnier

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

According to my photos, our first stop on our exploration of Paris was the Palais Garnier. We probably walked there, our designated Metro station was Richelieu-Drouot and it doesn't connect to the yellow line.

So off we went to the breathtaking Palais Garnier - Opéra National de Paris where we were awed by gilded fireplaces taller than us and a balcony that let us live out our princess dreams. I mean, look at that view!

Even more impressive was inside with its gold painted halls and enormous grand staircase. I think I'd seen Phantom of the Opera by now and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Even more exciting were the display cases with costumes and tiny dioramas of the stage based on different performances. I have an innumerable amount of photos of all the dioramas and other costumes but these two were my favorite.

I also found this video I took. It's cool to see now because about 10 years later I took a great photo in one of those balconies across the way. We'll get there eventually, but there's a lot more posts to write first.

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