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Paris 2009 - Part 1

When I was 12 my grandmother took us and our cousins to Paris for the first time ever.

(Excuse the mess, we were packing).

Charlotte and I had just finished 6th grade and twelve seemed like the most important age ever. It probably was, I mean we hadn't experienced anything beyond that yet. Mom helped us pack all of our most *fashionable* outfits. We had everything planned out and little backpacks to accompany us.

We stayed in the Hotel Chopin in Paris which is located at the end of Passage Jouffroy- one of the covered "streets" still remaining in the city. It was tiny and squashed in between the other shops and utterly charming.

Separated into by no means the fanciest rooms, Charlotte and I shared with one of our cousins in what had to have been the farthest back corner of the hotel down the tiniest crooked hallway. It was an adventure trying to find the breakfast room in the morning.

Full disclosure: 12 year-old me did not see the point in taking photos of my surroundings for memories. Instead most of the blurry pictures I took with my dinky little camera were paintings and random fancy museum chairs. Consequently I did not take the photos shown below, but figured they were excellent references to the:

- Passage Jouffroy

- The hotel lobby with its little wall of room keys and a bust of Chopin himself on the mantle next to a bowl of candies

- and the breakfast room where we discovered Nutella for the first time.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Paris was locate the hotel where we dropped off our bags. Jet lag being a totally new concept to someone who had never left the East Coast of America we had been warned that sleep was not allowed until French nighttime. Instead we were herded a few doors down into a tiny bakery and I honestly thought it was THE most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Now I know that these pastries are pretty common literally anywhere, but it was still amazing. I think I got a chocolate pie?

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