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More Adventures in Grenada

Dec. 2016

"The port of St. George is unbelievably stunning. The water is calm and clear, and the boats and houses are all so colorful!" -What I actually wrote in a journal I kept while I was in Grenada. Not overly descriptive, but definitely true.

We found ourselves at the water's edge in Grenada's capital city on our way to lunch.

If you looked closely you could see little tropical fish darting around the rocks!

We took time pointing out our favorite boats as we made our way to the farthest corner of the bay to a restaurant called BB's where they gave us a table right over the water and we could see the waves crashing just within reach!

Lunch views:

They even invited us to add our family to the wall! Dad signed us "The Engel Brigade" with the date.

The menu was short but absolutely delicious, mostly full of fresh and local seafood. The island also specializes in rum production and I'm a convert to dark-n'-stormies made with coconut rum! (Kind of negates the "dark" part of a dark n' stormy though, since coconut rum is light).

After lunch we headed back in the direction of our house, but instead drove right past to the end of the road where we were met with sheer cliffs and a very angry Atlantic Ocean. The view was unparalleled.

Being on a Caribbean island, we couldn't stay away from the beaches for too long! We picked another beach this time (these being in abundance) and headed to Morne Rouge. Apparently we were not the only ones with this idea because the beach was completely packed. People started pulling their motorboats and catamarans right up onto the beach so they could continue listening to their boat music. This resulted in a mess of sound and a whole lot of energy!

We didn't stay on the beach too long. By sunset we were back at the house where there were significantly less people.

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