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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A photo of me traveling.

The purpose of this blog is simply personal. I had a collection of journals I started at the age of 12 where I documented anything I considered a big adventure, but when I moved to Los Angeles following my college graduation with one suitcase and one backpack I left them all at home. Didn't have the space for them. I eventually moved into my first apartment and asked my parents to send me my collection of personal books and journals, one box total. COVID-19 happened and my box was forgotten for a bit, and then I guess the USPS was under a lot of stress and pressure from all the online shopping and mailing people were doing from locked inside their houses. In place of my box arrived two books, one blank journal, and a formal letter of apology saying my box was destroyed in transit.

I'm now intimately familiar with the inner workings of the US Postal System from the level of digging that ensued, buuut I never got my journals back.

So, again the purpose of this blog is personal. I'd like to try and write down what I remember and digitize the adventures I've lost, as well as expand my range of stories and experiences. It'll help that I can add photos this time! This also makes it easier for my family to keep up with me as I bounce around!

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