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Knott's Berry Farm

January 22, 2022 - Saturday

Knott's Berry Farm is not what it sounds like at first, but when I mentioned it to Mom she said, "oh yeah, the place that makes jam!"

Although they may have started out by selling berries, it's now an amusement park! Marco and I had been gifted tickets a while back, and since they were expiring soon we decided to take advantage of them.

The whole place is divided into different themed chunks:

- Ghost Town

- Fiesta Village

- Boardwalk

- Camp Snoopy

We rode some rides,

Played some games (and won!)

Took some pictures (but not as many as we should have)!

Ate some food! Lunch was at the BBQ shack in Ghost Town. We split a plate of ribs and corn, then finished it off sharing a large oreo dippin dots later.

We poked around the museums in the Ghost Town (I took a photo of this label because White Plains, NY is so close to home and I was happy something had made it all the way out to this little room in California intact), and learned a lot about lacemaking from the woman making lace in the dress shop.

And at the end of the day, when it was dark and cold, and our feet were hurting, we sat down and listened to a little live band playing Peanuts-themed and Vince Guaraldi music.

As an impromptu plan, we drove down the street to the Pirates Adventure dinner show and they plopped us down in the front row (hooray for the Green Team!) and watched pirates fight for two hours. It was a ton of fun :)

10/10 would recommend.

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