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Happy Graduation Max!

June 4-5, 2022

Max and all his ladiesss.

This weekend I was incredibly blessed to be able to go home and visit my family for a short but important visit! Max's high school graduation!!!

Mom was able to pick me up from the airport and bring me home where I ran into my grandparents, Dad, and Max (not in that order).

Look how green everything is! We're not in California anymore.

My sisters were both out at work, so I took a shower and a quick nap, and then went with Mom and Dad to watch Max's lacrosse game.

I'd like to note that we all giggled at the effort that went into this gas station's flowerbed.

Go Max! He's number 29.

After the game (spoiler alert, Fairfield Prep won!) we drove back home and I got to unpack my backpack and get ready for Max's grad party.

All set and ready to party!

Did you really go to the party if you didn't pet the dog?

Charlotte and the first toast of the evening!

I'm sorry I snapped this with everyone's mouth still full.

All the grads decided to camp out next to the fire pit with their dinner and smores.

And we hung out long into the night, with endless amounts of food*, fun, and champagne!

*The boys polished off the curried steak kabobs before anyone could go back for seconds.

And after everyone had left, it turned into a dance party!

I practically fell onto my pillow at the end of the night. I had an alarm set for 6:30 because with my jet lag it was almost impossible to bounce out of bed.

Got dressed.

My professional makeup artist sister did an 8-minute makeup on me.

Pet the dog.

More petting the dog.

Mom made pancakes.

Dog wanted pancakes.

Dog tried very hard to convince me to feed her my pancakes.

And the rest of the family came downstairs so we could all get into the car and leave.

Is she tall or are the ceilings short? I don't even know. She's a human periscope.

We arrived at graduation, held outside in the sunshine.

They did it! The boys graduated!

They do not get to keep the white jackets.

Celebratory post-grad cigar.

We are so proud of him.

And then, when all the photos had been taken and everyone was hungry enough, we piled back into the car and headed off to brunch!

Back to town, we went to Gate's Restaurant.

Queso Birria tacos.

Marinated teriyaki soy chicken bowl.

Steak benedict.

Salmon benedict.

Max drove the "kids" home, while the "adults" went in the other car.

Then we all bequeathed Max his gifts. Charlotte made him a note jar containing comments and letters gathered from family, extended family, and friends! It was very sweet and thoughtful.

Mom and I took a walk around and she showed me the new flowers she had planted.

Buttercups not included!

Rose took me for a ride in the fun little Austin Healey.

Our noses got a little red in the sun...

But not as red as the local old fire truck we saw giving some kids a ride through town!

Stopped for refreshments at Dolce!

Arnold Palmer for both of us!

And later we piled back into the car and drove down to Old Greenwich for another grad party on the beach, this time hosted by two other families.

I had a hard time ordering an Uber or Lyft to bring me to the airport. Nobody wanted to drive down to NYC on a Sunday night! So, again, the whole family rallied and piled into the car and drove me themselves. (We left Max behind to keep celebrating, and he caught a ride home with another family).

And at 2am in Los Angeles, Marco picked me up with a warm mint tea and took me home!

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