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Happiest Lillie on Earth!

May 30, 2022 - Disneyland

Spoiler alert: I was unable to draw the sword from the stone, and therefore I will not be taking over England this year.

For my 25th birthday Marco took me on my first trip to Disneyland! Taadaa!

I sent this picture to my grandmother: Look at where we are, Meme!

I must say the castle is much smaller than I anticipated, but that just makes it look farther away.

Before we went anywhere, we made a pitstop and they gave me not one, but TWO celebration buttons. One for my birthday, and one for my first visit (and one for Marco to show his support).

First stop was a must: Peter Pan's ride.

After coming back out, we wandered around a bit as I took in all the sights.

We did this cute little boat tour of all the storybook lands in miniature!

Another obligatory stop: It's a Small World.

Ran into some people!


Tomorrowland held HyperSpace Mountain, and churros!

And Marco's favorite, Astro Blasters!

We walked up through the inside of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

It ended up being a super sunny day, so we felt justified in taking a trip down Splash Mountain.

Which kind of ended up being a mistake, because there was not a dry inch of clothing left between us, and it took a long time to dry off.

Soggy, we made our way to the Star Wars park.

We went on the new Rise of the Resistance ride, but I didn't get any photos because I was so excited taking it all in!

We picked up some lunch and some snacks. I loved my curry pasta with beef, and Marco picked a great chicken dish!

There was a fun car ride, where all the cars had different license plates.

There were so many rides we went on, and so much exploring to do that I shoved my phone deep into my bag and mostly forgot to document everything. In full honesty though, I regret nothing.

We brought this little puzzle book with us and a couple pens, and if a line got too long, we pulled it out and finished a few crosswords, word searches, or number games.

Tried on some festive ears, and someone upgraded my buttons!

We ran into a friend of mine on the Jungle Cruise ride too (not pictured), but it definitely proved that we do live in a small world after all (ha ha).

And at the very end of the day, we caught the electrical parade and fireworks!

So many people! Don't worry, they cleared out after the fireworks.

And then Marco and I made our way over to see the Fantasmic show! Which, honestly, was my favorite part. Sorcerer Mickey is my favorite variation.

We stood around long enough that when they realized there were leftover seats right up front, we were first in line! Lucky us! Plus, Marco went and got beignets so we had a snack too.

Park closed at midnight, but we were pretty close to turning into pumpkins by then anyway, so we didn't mind.

A long and happy birthday!

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