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Grenada, the island.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

December 2016.

Since most of us are now in/ out of school and away from the house, my parents have started to plan family trips around the Christmas holiday when we all have time to come home!

In December 2016 we all packed one small bag each and, while it was still dark out, piled into the car and headed off to the airport early on Christmas day. (Less travel traffic!)

Charlotte and I were not seated next to each other, but we decided nonetheless that not even an aisle could keep us apart.

The island of Grenada (not to be confused with Granada, Spain) is a small Caribbean country also dubbed the "Spice Isle," and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

We were taken to our home all piled in the back of the biggest taxi we could find down long windy roads that looped their way through the mountains.

The house itself was practically an oasis itself! Just look at that pool and pool house.

The kitchen opened its wide doors out to the yard, where you could see a bit of the ocean peeking through the fruit trees.

Speaking of fruit trees, the best part about this house was that you could eat anything you picked! I've never had such juicy grapefruit, although peeling it fresh from the tree was quite a challenge. The skin was probably 3x thicker than any citrus I've ever encountered. You can kind of glimpse it just under Mom's elbow in this picture.

On our first day of adventuring we decided to adventure ourselves to a local beach. The palm trees all slanted towards the water which, despite being very blue, was also very cold! I guess that's what you get for traveling to the Caribbean in the off season, just after all the rain.

My grandmother and I took a loooooong walk down the beach and discovered a few cows tucked away in the trees that edged the water around the bay.

We spent all day on the sand sleeping off our long day of travel from the day before and generally just enjoying each others company and the sunshine.

On our way home for the day we stopped at a local church. It was closed on a weekday afternoon but still had a killer vantage point.

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