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Grenada pt4

Dec. 2016 (Someday I'll come up with more gripping post titles)

The last few days in Grenada were the sunniest and longest. Max, Charlotte and I took our scuba certification courses over a couple of days and got to dive with our dad.

We met some cool fish and saw a coral nursery. It was fun pointing out the baby lionfish to each other and swimming through hundreds of little silver ones. The surface water was a little rough, so underneath it meant we were bobbing around like corks in the current, but that added to the fun!

Mom and Rose spent the meantime guarding the beach against... well it looks pretty secure.

On another note, we tried some fabulous foods from a wide variety of restaurants while we were on the island.

Sometimes Mom would make us breakfast at the house of toast and fresh fruit, but most often we preferred to go out and taste new things.

The Little Dipper was perched on the side of a mountain road with less than 10 tables and run by a mother and daughter. They were very proud of the local Caribbean lobster (which they should have been, it was fresh and delicious!)

Patrick's was another tiny gem, right across from the marina entrance and also only with a couple of tables, but they served us a little bit of everything on the menu! Fish cakes, lambi, crab puffs, oildown (the national dish), bok choi, sweet and sour fish, ginger pork, callaloo, beans and rice, green beens, rum fruit cake, and more that I cannot remember anymore. A food adventure and one well worth taking!

But the best part was the time I got to spend with my family just sitting around! We don't get to do it very often anymore so I look back on these trips and smile because they were worth it.

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