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Girlies in Portland!

September 2021

This post is long overdue, but I was recently going through old photos on my phone and realized I'd never logged this trip. Sometimes you need a little weekend escape! :)

Kenon's been living on the edges of Portland, Oregon for a couple years now, and we both decided to take advantage of living so close* together. (*Close being a subjective term- having both been born and raised in New England, we're closer to each other than we are to home.) She came to visit me in LA, so this time I went up to see her!

She and Nigel picked me up from the airport bright and early!

We made a necessary pitstop at Starbucks on our way home to get some refreshments for us and a pupcup for Nigel.

Mom sent me macarons from Paris, having just gotten back from dropping off Rose on her study abroad semester, so I brought them to Kenon's! They were just as fresh as if we'd bought them that morning, it was amazing and very delicious. Thanks Mom!

Still in the food-mood, we decided to bake some fresh bread. Kenon's husband Kelln worked the night shift at his job at the time, so the bread sounded like a nice surprise for when he got home in the morning.

Kenon is also a professional model, so I brought my camera with the intent of taking some portraits for both of our portfolios! What a fun way to spend the evening!

We took turns behind and in front of the camera, and here's how some of them turned out:

We fell asleep early and woke up the next morning to have fresh bread for breakfast. Kenon and I played some video games until Kelln woke up, and then we drove out to visit his parents for the afternoon!

I didn't pull out my phone there for fear of being rude, so here are a couple snaps of Oregon I took out the window while we were out and about. It's beautiful and remote.

On our way home we stopped to pick up poke for dinner!

Played with Nigel a little more,

And then it was time for me to leave! Just a quick little weekend trip to visit my best friend :)

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