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France: 2009 - Versailles

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Our first stop on the trip was Versailles. It lies just outside of Paris limits, so we weren't able to visit with our grandma and cousins in our allotted time together, but since it's technically a castle/ palace my parents thought it would be the perfect start to our castle tour!

Family photo! I'm wearing orange.

We stayed in the town at a hotel called Hotel du Cheval Rouge and I have no photos of it, but I don't think we spent too much time there anyway. Instead we spent one full day exploring the palace of Versailles and its grounds!

To be completely honest, there was a lot of scaffolding covering the front of the palace when we arrived. So the only impressive thing was the shiny gate. I don't know what I had expected though!

We got those little audio guide things as a family

and wandered through each room punching in the numbers

and listening to what they had to say about the people who

had lived there and the fancy decorations and paintings

that covered the walls and ceilings.

Classic photos of random objects I saw.

When it got too hot to be inside with the crowds, and we'd exhausted every number on our little audio guides, we took ourselves outside to explore the grounds. Mom had packed a picnic in her bag and that's what we had for lunch.

Hi Mom!

Mom and Rose by the little pond.

And all of us taking a break. Check out Charlotte's super cool shades!

Our final adventure of the day involved bicycles! At Versailles there's a great big pond called the Grand Canal and we thought it would be a good idea to rent some bikes and go all the way around the edge of it!

We stopped for a bit halfway around to get some fresh orange juice. It was amazing!

By the end of the day we were racing back to avoid the thunderstorm we could see brewing over our heads. It was quite the excitement! As always, Max was the ultimate trooper and made it through the day without complaint- but he did need a nap.

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