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France 2009: "Castle Crashers" Tour

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Ha. You thought we were done with France, didn't you. Think again!

(Recap:) My grandmother took two cousins, my twin, and me to Paris for our first trip out of the country when we were 12. My parents thought this was the perfect time to take a family vacation and show us more of France, so they came over just as my grandma and cousins were leaving to continue the fun.

We stayed in Paris for another night before embarking on our "Castle Crashers* Tour" of the Loire Valley and the many chateaux waiting for us.

*(We had just been introduced to the world of Xbox 360 and our favorite game was called Castle Crashers. So to help make it more engaging for my 6 y/o brother at the time, they named our itinerary after the game).

I had a totally separate journal for this- surprise, it's also lost.

While in Paris:

My parents took us up the Eiffel Tower. The lines were, per usual, too long for the elevator so we all made the extraordinary hike via staircase. Major props to Max who was 6 y/o, he gets the medal for biggest trooper.

I got to use one of those telescope things which was COOL. These are photos of (probably) what the view was like, even though I can promise I took those with my dinky red cameral

We showed our parents Notre Dame and "Point Zero" as though we'd built the place and discovered it ourselves. Very proud.

They took us on a boat cruise on the Seine so we could show Max and Rose the most important parts of the city all at once. I took a very flattering photo of Dad with my camera, he then took one of me.

I'd also like to include this photo I took of the Harry Potter 6 poster we saw in the metro stations. I was A) super excited for the new movie, and B) I'd never seen a movie poster in a different language. So I had to document it.

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