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Escondido Falls, Malibu

January 30, 2021

This pandemic has me feeling some major cabin fever by now, and I think my roommates would agree with me. Our only respite and means of socializing has been through hiking!

There are so many places to hike in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. With careful research, we decided the Escondido Falls trail in Malibu was the way to go.

Saturday might not have been the best plan, because everyone else also had the same idea, but it was still a great afternoon. Our party carpooled and had to park a little ways up the side of the PCH from the trailhead to find a spot, but if you're careful you shouldn't get run over.

Another image borrowed from the internet. I didn't grab any photos at the actual waterfall because it was literally crawling with families and their children looking for a way to cool off. We didn't stay for long, just enough to admire the water and break open the loaf of fresh challah provided by my roommate.

The perfect fuel to keep us going on the way back! Hello roommates!

This was before Marco got a haircut, so we had to improvise a way to keep it out of his eyes. Always bring a hair clip ;)

And take advantage of great lighting!

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