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Dinner by Boat! A drive-thru experience

August 1, 2020 (Peep Rose)

This summer has been the perfect chance to explore home. Quarantine has us all together all the time, so why not look for new things to do...together! We love spending time on the boat and usually it serves as the *perfect* shuttle from the dock to the Island House, but why not expand our horizons? In light of the recent upswing in takeout opportunities, we've discovered some local seafood restaurants are exploring the use of boat-takeout.

(Rowayton Seafood located on the Five Mile River)

(Dad and Callie waiting for some snacks)

(Snacks: Mom ordered some buffalo fried shrimp, two fish tacos, and a great big tuna tartar)

We pulled up spontaneously to a dock already teeming with other boats and two young dockhands grabbed our ropes and tied up for us. They made us promise to be out before 6:30 when a giant party boat came rolling through with a docking reservation. Mom ran up the dock and placed an order for takeout and came back with a handful of rum punches.


August 9, 2020

We did it again! This time we were more prepared and called in ahead to order enough dinner for 11 people.

It was us and some family friends all piled into the boat. Charlie and I tried to sit up on the bow but quickly abandoned that thought when it became apparent we couldn't stay dry. It was better in the back anyway, everyone got a plastic cup of bubbly (the height of style) and we trundled over to Rowayton to pick up a pile of seafood.

We didn't make a dock reservation this time either- we'd have been eating out of each others' laps if we had! With this many people we took our booty back to the island house and laid it all out.

We opened more wine.

And everybody went outside to chow down!

(Not our most glam candid, but we were eating good food!)

Later that evening Rose invited her boyfriend to join us and all of us "kids" piled back into the boat with a few extra bottles, left the parents to their drinks on the porch, and headed off into the sunset (literally).

Please enjoy this documentation of the twins. We try to get a photo together every time we cross paths (probably once a year or so, if we're lucky).

We spent the rest of the evening huddled around the big round table in the island house living room playing a ferocious game of Catan (John won), eating the world's largest cookies (courtesy of Charlie), and whizzing through a few rounds of Presidents/ Capitalism (the card game). All lit with kerosene lamps!

There was no moon in the sky on the way home which made it perfect for stargazing and very slow-going for boat trips. Charlie saw his first shooting star! It was a nice big lazy one.

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