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Deep In the Heart of Dallas!

May 14-15, 2022

Every girl dreams of a spontaneous weekend trip away, right? Maybe? Well, I did it anyway.

My friend Lizzie is located in Dallas, and we haven't seen each other since finishing school pre-pandemic, so what better time to book a weekend trip than now?

She picked me up midday from the airport and whisked me away to Starbucks for a refuel, before we headed home to meet the dogs.

I'd say it was an immediate success. This is Rooster!

And this is Annabelle.

And this is Lizzie!

We took the dogs for a neighborhood walk late in the afternoon when it had cooled down.

And then she took me on a driving tour!

No better way to see the city than with a private tour guide, who also happens to be a best friend and local expert!

And let's take a moment to appreciate that Texas sunset glow.

Dinner was on a very happenin' street, bustling with restaurants and party-goers. We snagged a table right outside HG Supply Co and people watched to our hearts' content!

Bowl for Lizzie, honey mustard chicken sandwich with brussels sprout salad for me!

(Superior lighting provided by the street lamp that occasionally winked out on us, but don't worry, it always came back on in the end.)

For dessert we darted across the busy street and into the cutest macaron shop. They had quite the selection, so we took some home with us to eat in front of the tv! Nothing says "girls night" more than Selling Sunset and macarons!

What better way to start of your ~*Sunday*~ than with eggs and tea?? Best breakfast ever.

Just girls getting ready to go do fun things!

First things first, The Other Art Fair was in town so we had to make a stop!

Here was a list of the local and traveling artists featured in this show.

I didn't want to take photos during the show, because I was afraid it would be rude to the artists to photograph and post without their permission, so I've found the websites and social media of some of my favorites and will show them here:

Xan Padron

Instagram: @xanpadron

Jennifer Troice, Sculptor


My favorites of hers were the bronze hand sculptures, but she does much more!

Eka Peradze

Instagram: @ekaperadze

Eka, whose tiny people paintings were literally 3D!

Leticia Herrera

Instagram: @leticiaherreraart

Leta's art seemed to glow from the inside and fade out into the distance. It was like a window into another world. Her little people-like smudges were also 3D.

And my absolute favorite:

Erin Hanson

Instagram: @erinhansonartist

I didn't get to meet her because she'd stepped away, but her art was a combination of your classic take on impressionist art but make it colorful!

Here, let me oversaturate your screen for a moment:

Anyway, after that much art we needed a refresher. Did I mention it was 95º out?

So away we sped to the Foxtrot Market for some chai and matcha teas, with a side of air conditioning.

And feeling refreshed, we made the next logical step to a good girls' weekend: shopping! Lizzie took me to Bishop Arts and we spent all afternoon in and out of shops looking at all the things.

There was certainly more window shopping than actual shopping, but sometimes that's more fun!

We also stopped into Reveler's Hall to listen to their live band, and it was quite the party! Too loud to hear yourself think, it reminded me of the band I joined in Paris and how we used to blast our brass in local restaurants and bars too (with permission of course). We caught their last 2 songs before they packed up for the day, but that was plenty of fun!

Dinner was at the stunning Paradiso down the street.

We both got the Soppressata pizzas with fun gingerbeer-and-honey cocktails (I can't remember what was in them, but they were delicious!)

And for dessert (because you must), we went next door to Emporium Pies!

I got chocolate silk pie with a pretzel crust, and she chose bourbon pecan!

Before taking me back to the airport, Lizzie and I drove through the city one more time. She took me to Highland Park to see Dallas' "Beverly Hills" (the houses were gorgeous), and through SMU to see their beautiful campus too.

And then I headed back to Los Angeles! Thank you Lizzie, thank you Dallas!

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