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All Play, No Work

March 26, 2021

In March 2020 I accepted a job as a Post Production Assistant (Post PA for short) on a 20th Century Studios feature comedy. Now it's March 2021 and I'm looking back on my crazy year!

*Peep the How I Met Your Mother stairs^

When the pandemic locked down the country only 3 weeks after we started, the whole lot became empty overnight. The creepiness wasn't helped by the constant rain we had for a week straight.

A year later and it's still pretty empty. (I took this today)

Sometimes I'll go on a walk, just to stretch my legs and admire how pretty the lot is. I'm so lucky to work within the walls of a studio. Parking is (almost) never a problem.

Sometimes they're filming something and you have to take the long way back to your desk. (The bottom left corner they filled the New York Street set with fake snow in January for a commercial).

Sometimes you get a nice sunset if you leave at the right time (and park on the top level of the garage).

Most of the time I sit at my desk.

And pick up/ drop off lunches for people.

Today we had pizza from Roberta's because it's Friday!

And I'm so happy to do what I do! (They took a photo after I built the wall-card prep grid).

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