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ACE Eddie Awards 2022

Downtown, March 5, 2022

*I would like to note that some of these photos were taken by a professional photographer, Peter Zakhary, hired to cover the event. I'd like to acknowledge and credit him where it is owed. The point of my blog post is to consolidate all images that I took/ have borrowed so as best to relay my experience, but I cannot take credit for all of the following images.

Our weekend actually begins on Thursday night, when ACE held their annual nominee cocktail party at the Disney Studios. This was a much smaller event geared towards honoring the editors whose nominations were competing at the Eddies on Saturday.

There was a photo booth, and all the nominees got mini Eddies to take home!

Then on Saturday the ACE held the annual Eddie Awards show for editing, and guess who went! Well, loads of people actually, but I was one of them.

(Hi Jared!)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, cleaning up my room and clearing out a good and bright space for my makeup artist. Rylee arrived ready to roll and immediately got to work. She did both my hair and makeup and did a phenomenal job on both. 5 stars and 10/10 would recommend!

My friend Catherine also came over to finish getting ready, we curled her hair, and Marco brought lunch for all of us to polish off before we finished slipping into dresses and heels.

Took some photos outside in front of the greenery!

And then we hopped into the waiting car and sped away! We pulled up to the theater and joined the crowd of Hollywood’s editors pouring through the doors. Maybe this photo will give you a better idea of the scene,

(Peter Zakhary photo)

We sat in the front of the balcony, having no reason to sit downstairs with a path to the stage. The view was better anyway and we had more space!

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more fun than sitting in a room packed with people cheering on their friends and peers for the work they’ve done over the last year. Marco was the editor responsible for cutting the reel honoring the career and lifetime achievements for Richard Chew, and it was incredibly exciting to finally present his hard work to such an appreciative audience. Emilio Estevez thanked him personally for doing such a flawless job.

(Peter Zakhary photo)

Among the winners were Pamela Martin (King Richard), Myron Kerstein and Andrew Weisblum (Tick, Tick… Boom!), Jabez Olsen (The Beatles: Get Back Ep3), and Bo Burnham (Inside). I cannot list them all, but congratulations to the winners and nominees alike!

The awards themselves were held in the late afternoon, so when they wrapped the real party began. Dinner and the afterparty were in another venue, about two blocks away. I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall in traffic watching several hundred well-dressed people walking the streets of Downtown LA on our way to find some refreshments. (They offered shuttles, but we’re young, we can walk).

If you’ve never been to Clifton’s Republic, it’s a four story nightclub with balconies overlooking the central dance floor and a giant tree in the center, sprouting from ground floor to top. With several open bars on every floor, people spread out and it was great fun peering over the nearest railing to the floor below and spotting a dozen different people you know.

(Garlic lemon chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, truffle mac n' cheese, and salmon with shiitake mushrooms)

After eating at a large table tucked away in an alcove, we wandered through the crowds looking for people we knew and making excuses to visit the different themed floors (4th has a tiki bar in the back). Occasionally bumping into someone holding an 18 inch silver Eddie, we talked with the editors responsible for things like Ted Lasso, Ford v. Ferrari, Hacks, The Green Book, Sing 2, No Time to Die, and Star Wars IV.

Marco and I got to meet Richard in person! That's Emilio Estevez photobombing in the background, another very nice person we met.

(Peter Zakhary photo) My absolute favorite image from the night!

(Peter Zakhary photos)

When we finally left, many hours later, and the crowd was thinning out and the club was starting to turn itself over to the general public. Funny to think that as our night ended, someone else’s was just beginning!

I’d like to shout out my incredible hair and makeup artist @ryleeemua for coming over so early and making me feel glam, and @judygaocouture for designing my gown.

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