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A Girl's-Week Surprise!

May 15-19, 2021

Apparently they'd been planning this for weeks! I've known Kenon since middle school and we've been inseparable since then. In the past few years we've moved away from each other, she got married, and our schedules don't line up as much as they used to. BUT...

The stars aligned and brought us together for the perfect little week. She plotted with Marco to come visit for a few days, and boy was I surprised! (She had him film the moment we saw each other, so if you want to see all the emotions, head to her TikTok @KenonPippert).

We immediately went out for breakfast at Met Her At a Bar, which serves incredible waffle breakfasts.

I got a waffle eggs benedict with breakfast potatoes.

Then we buzzed around LA and popped into a bunch of thrift stores around Melrose. Kenon is a denim expert and helped me find my new favorite pair of jeans for $17 (she says Mother brand jeans are usually $200+ ???)

We decided it was an occasion, and made nail appointments.

And then had a total Girl's Night with piles of sushi and girl talk, with some reality show on in the background that nobody paid attention to.

Sunday morning we went out and got bagels and chai tea for a breakfast picnic in the park.

Marco met up with us and we spent the morning exploring the Melrose Flea Market.

Kenon got a necklace, I found a vintage silk skirt, and Marco picked up a candle from a local business.

When we got hungry, we jumped in the car and drove down to Venice for fish and chips at the Wee Chippy! I've decided it's my favorite fish n' chips spot.

We stuck our feet in the sand!

And then drove home and watched a Narnia movie with my roommates.

I had to dip into work on Monday for the final day of sound mix and make sure everyone was fed for lunch. We got Sugarfish sushi, which felt like a party in itself, but the day ended pretty early so Kenon and I took ourselves to the Grove and poked around the shops.

A friend of ours from high school was in town for his brother's USC graduation, so we all met up and grabbed dinner together. Bossa Nova restaurant is pretty good! I'll have to go back sometime.

Tuesday was the most exciting. Kenon discovered her sister was in town!

We met up with her and her friends on the Santa Monica pier...

We took some pics (this one is obviously Kenon and me, sorry Anna!)

And then we went and got DK's Donuts! They're so fancy and SO delicious. I tried my first cronut!

Kenon and I met up with Marco for dinner at Tatsu on Melrose. Arguably the best ramen in LA and there's usually a line to get in.

Their bowls have little messages on the sides that reveal themselves the more you eat! There's a surprise on the bottom of the bowl, but I couldn't finish mine to find out what it was.

We parted ways with Marco and Kenon and I spent the rest of the night *crying* laughing at the silliest tik toks. My roommates had to ask if we were alright.

I'm so grateful for this woman. She is a blessing to me and I cannot imagine life without her. Thank you Kenon for visiting and spending a girl's week just running around the shops and restaurants, and living life with me!

Miss you!

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