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25th Beach Bonfire Birthday!

May 28, 2022

So many birthdays! Well, just Rachel's and mine really, hers is the day before mine. But a full birthday weekend is something to celebrate, so that's what we did!

On Saturday, Marco and I went and picked up firewood and other essentials, and took it all down to Dockweiler State Beach in Marina Del Rey, where they have public fire pits that you can claim for the evening!

*There are a LOT of photos in this post, so I put them in grids to save space. That being said, you might have trouble seeing the grids on a mobile device, and it'll present the photos in one loooong feed instead.*

Birthday-Girl Rachel.

People slowly arrived in ones, twos and threes, bringing more snacks. We had homemade devil's food cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting, homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and a chocolate/chocolate Costco cake, just in case. A cake buffet, if you will. Also chips and waters and s'mores.

Rachel and Lauren brought party hats, and it became the dress code.

Photo grid!

And then cake time!

It's incredibly hard to light and blow out a candle on a windy beach. The wind gets overexcited and celebrates for you.

Gosh I have so many photos! Serena brought her Paper Shoot camera and took all these:

And then it got dark!

And we left at 10 when the beach closed. 11/10 great birthday!

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